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TitleBus Driver
Posting ID124462

Bus Driver - Open Route 

Calendar Varies

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Paygrade 4 - $15.50








  • Completion of approved training course for the school bus driver.
  • License: valid Florida commercial driver’s license and all other required licenses to drive a school bus.
  • Completion of, and successfully passing, a physical examination by a school boardapproved physician.
  • Experience as a school board substitute bus driver.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Diploma: high school diploma or equivalent.


Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Obeys all traffic laws.
  2. Observes all mandatory safety regulations for school buses.
  3. Maintains student discipline and reports undisciplined students to principal of school or to supervisor.
  4. Keeps to assigned schedule when traffic conditions permit. 
  5. Follows printed route for bus unless permission to follow an alternate route is given by the transportation office.
  6. Performs pre-trip inspection of bus for mechanical defects.
  7. Performs post-trip inspection of bus after each route.
  8. Notifies the proper authorities in case of mechanical failures or tardiness on appropriate forms.
  9. Discharges students only at authorized stops.
  10. Exercises responsible leadership on all school trips.
  11. Meets with the immediate supervisor at least once per year to review procedures to be used.
  12. Transports only authorized persons as identified by the administration.
  13. Reports all accidents, vehicle or student, immediately to the transportation office and completes all required forms.
  14. Enforces all regulations against eating, drinking, smoking, dipping, chewing or any use of tobacco, drugs or related products on the bus.
  15. Attends all required safety and training sessions.
  16. Complies with all written official policies of the transportation department, school board policies, and regulations of the State Board of Education.
  17. Maintains a clean and orderly bus.
  18. Maintains effective working relationships with other employees, parents, and public.
  19. Wears the prescribed uniform, when issued, at all times while driving a school bus.
  20. Performs other duties consistent with the goals and objectives of the position.


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Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range$15.50 / Per Hour
LocationTransportation 9042

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Start Date09/14/2021

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