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TitleESE School-Based Liaison
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  • Bachelor’s degree or higher degree from an accredited four-year college/university
  • Experience as a teacher of students with disabilities
  • Ability to communicate technical information in a clear and effective manner
  • Knowledge of Pre-K – 12 Florida standards, assessment (to include alternate assessment) and
  • accommodations for students with disabilities, demonstrates knowledge of ACCESS point instruction

Performance Responsibilities:


1. Adheres to the rules and regulations as prescribed by the State Board of Education Florida Statutes, the school board, and
administrative procedures.
2. Schedules, facilitates and serves as district representative/LEA representative at all annual IEP meetings, amendment
meetings, re-evaluation determination meetings, and other staffing/IEP meetings as needed.
3. Ensures that all timelines designated by the federal and state regulations and district procedures are met. This includes
annual IEP reviews and triennial re-evaluations.
4. Prepares, maintains, and submits accurate and complete records and reports as required by the State Board of Education
Florida Statutes, school board, and administrative procedures including audit preparation, FTE counts, per period counts and
other tasks as assigned by ESE Director.
5. Assists in upholding and enforcing school rules, administrative procedures, and board policies.
6. Assists schools in the completion of necessary documents for psychological testing.
7. Provides assistance to parents with support or information as needed.
8. Develops and promotes activities and provides Professional Development to support inclusive education and LRE at all
9. Acts as a resource to the school personnel in parents regarding ESE rules, regulations, compliance requirements, program
needs, school responsibilities, positive behavioral supports, discipline concerns, functional behavior assessments, behavior
intervention plans, and other ESE related concerns including implementation of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
10. Assists with monitoring the staffing/placement process to assure that all necessary documents are in place prior to a student
being staffed and/or identified as an exceptional student.

11. Provides and/or assists with crisis intervention services for ESE staff and students as necessary.
12. Collaborates effectively with all school-based staff (school administration, counselors, related service providers, etc.) to
ensure appropriate services are provided for SWDs in all settings within the school.
13. Mentors and demonstrates effective teaching strategies to teachers of ESE students.
14. Conducts articulation IEP meetings between appropriate schools for exceptional students.
15. Participates in the MTSS process when time permits, to provide suggestions for appropriate interventions.
16. Assists teachers with IEP development.
17. Ensures IEPs are implemented as written, to include: accommodations, minutes, LRE, goals and objectives, behavior
interventions, and all other areas.
18. Attends all district level meetings as required by ESE Director.
19. Monitors behavior and academic achievement data and utilizes problem-solving process to determine appropriate supports
and interventions at all tiers.
20. Performs other job-related functions as may be assigned by the ESE Director.



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Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range$32.40 / Per Hour
LocationExceptional Student Education 9033

Applications Accepted

Start Date10/05/2021