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Calendar 251 HRS/8

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Charlotte County Public Schools boasts a competitive compensation package* for employees. This package includes a robust employee benefits offering with access to plan options for supplemental and options plans. CCPS offers plan members an onsite Wellness Center. The Wellness Center provides no-cost preventative care, low-cost acute care appointments, behavioral health services, and prescription dispensing for select prescriptions at no additional cost! If an eligible employee does not need medical coverage, CCPS has a paid benefit opt-out option.




  • Ability to perform work requiring physical strength.
  • Ability to withstand exposure to variable weather conditions.
  • Ability to work from a ladder or scaffolding.
  • Training in air conditioning course at trade school, college, military school and/or apprenticeship program.
  • At least three years progressive responsibility in the air conditioning trade.
  • Ability to plan organized details of assignments, read and understand blueprints, diagrams, and manuals; determine causes of routine malfunctions and necessary corrective measures.
  • Skill in the use of tools associated with the trade.
  • Knowledge of standard building codes, national fire protection codes, and national electric codes as they relate to air conditioning and heating.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Diploma: high school or equivalent
  • Participation in special factory course(s)
  • Experience with commercial equipment


*Such alternatives to the above preferred qualifications as the Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable. 


 Performance Responsibilities:


1. Observes all safe work practices when using tools, equipment and chemicals.

2. Works effectively with, cooperates with, and supports other employees.

3. Performs work from work request.

4. Keeps informed as to new technology, environmental regulations, safety rules, etc.

5. Attends formal training sessions that are related to the trade or department.

6. Diagnoses and repairs air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration equipment using the tools and materials of the trade.

7. Schedules and performs preventive maintenance of mechanical equipment.

8. Maintains a supply of generally used parts in the maintenance vehicle and takes proper care of tools and services equipment.

9. Advises and recommends the purchase and stocking of repair parts.

10. Estimates cost of major repairs.

11. Assists supervisor with training of new employees.

12. Maintains records of mechanical equipment.

13. Consults blueprints, sketches, diagrams, and manuals.

14. Performs other job-related functions as may be assigned. 


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*Benefits eligibility will be determined and communicated to new hires during the onboarding process. 


Charlotte County Schools promotes Equal Educational and Employment Opportunities.

Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range$21.00 / Per Hour
LocationMaintenance 9044

Applications Accepted

Start Date10/18/2021