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TitleSpeech & Language Pathologist
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Charlotte County Public Schools boasts a competitive compensation package* for employees. This package includes a robust employee benefits offering with access to plan options for supplemental and options plans. CCPS offers plan members an onsite Wellness Center. The Wellness Center provides no-cost preventative care, low-cost acute care appointments, behavioral health services, and prescription dispensing for select prescriptions at no additional cost! If an eligible employee does not need medical coverage, CCPS has a paid benefit opt-out option.





  • Master’s degree or equivalent.
  • Must be eligible for Florida teaching certificate or licensure.
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent may find appropriate. 



  1. Conduct speech/language screenings on kindergarten students, school-age students referred for ESE Programs, and other school-age students referred by teachers/parents.
  2. Integrate therapy sessions into each student’s curriculum.
  3. Evaluate/diagnose students suspected of speech and/or language disorders.
  4. Interpret to parents and the staff results of the speech and/or language evaluations.
  5. Participate as a member of the school Intervention Assistance Team (IAT), as appropriate. 
  6. Participate as a member of the eligibility staffing committee for students evaluated in speech and/or language. 
  7. Participate in the development of Individual Education Plans (IEP's) for students needing speech and/or language services.
  8. Provide appropriate treatment for students with disorders of language, articulation, fluency and voice.
  9. Maintain progress data on enrolled students. Communicate progress to parents.
  10. Conduct three-year re-evaluations for speech and/or language students.
  11. Recommend dismissal of students from the speech and/or language program, when appropriate.
  12. Assist with the transition of students from one level of school to another, (e.g. elementary to middle.)
  13. Provide follow-up hearing screenings for students previously screened by school nurse.
  14. Adhere to federal and state regulations and district Special Programs and Procedures (SPPs).
  15. Keep records as required by federal and state regulations and district SPPs. This includes daily attendance and lesson plans.
  16. Promote generalization of speech and/or language skills by working closely with teachers and parents.
  17. Work collaboratively as a member of the school /district team, and serve as a resource to school-based personnel.
  18. Implement national, state, and district goals for education.
  19. Maintain applicable professional credentials.
  20. Keep current in the field of speech/ language pathology.
  21. Any additional duties as deemed appropriate by the Director or Coordinator of Exceptional Student Education


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Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range$32.40 / Per Hour
LocationExceptional Student Education 9033

Applications Accepted

Start Date10/26/2021
End Date02/17/2022