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Calendar 188/Hrs 7

Paygrade 3 - $14.10/hr



Charlotte County Public Schools boasts a competitive compensation package* for employees. This package includes a robust employee benefits offering with access to plan options for supplemental and options plans. CCPS offers plan members an onsite Wellness Center. The Wellness Center provides no-cost preventative care, low-cost acute care appointments, behavioral health services, and prescription dispensing for select prescriptions at no additional cost! If an eligible employee does not need medical coverage, CCPS has a paid benefit opt-out option.



  • High school diploma or equivalent 
  • Passing score on ParaPro exam, or at least 60 semester hours of college credit.
  • Successful experience working with children

*Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable.


Performance Responsibilities:


  1. Assists in planning, implementing, preparing, and facilitating developmentally appropriate student engagement in learning.
  2. Participates actively in student activities in the classroom in the swimming pool, and in play areas.
  3. Monitors students visually and audibly.
  4. Assists with implementing IEP, 504, LEP, BIP, and other learning plans as developed.
  5. Practices positive child-behavior techniques and behavioral interventions in the classroom.
  6. Participates in professional growth activities appropriate to the position.
  7. Works with individual students or small groups of students to reinforce learning of concepts and skills initially introduced by the teacher.
  8. Assists with meeting basic needs of students as required, such as diapering, lifting, tube feeding, catheters, with proper training.
  9. Assists the students in developing study skills and self-help skills, such as dressing, toilet training, eating, health, safety, and hygiene.
  10. Assists with students’ mobility in and around the classroom, school, swimming pool, and play areas.
  11. Develops and maintains a clean, safe, healthy, and developmentally appropriate environment.
  12. Keeps accurate student records as directed by the teacher.
  13. Communicates with supervising staff to assist with evaluating student progress and/or implementing objectives in the classroom and related activities.
  14. Administers and proctors formative, summative, and standardized assessments as directed by the teacher.
  15. Facilitates transition of students.
  16. Attends scheduled trainings as necessary.
  17. Provides training and guidance for staff, parents, and volunteers as directed.
  18. Performs assigned duties related to student safety on campus (i.e. bus duty, parent pickup, walkway safety, playground, lunchroom duty, swimming pool, field trips).
  19. Provides assistance in the use of technology and troubleshooting equipment.
  20. Adheres to ethical behavior and decision making; complies with laws and policies concerning confidentiality of student information.
  21. Substitutes for the classroom teacher when called upon by the building principal.
  22. Performs other duties related to the job goal of the position.


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*Benefits eligibility will be determined and communicated to new hires during the onboarding process. 


Charlotte County Schools promotes Equal Educational and Employment Opportunities.

Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range$14.10 / Per Hour
LocationLemon Bay High 0051

Applications Accepted

Start Date11/18/2021
End Date02/03/2022

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NameStella RodriguezTitleConf Secretary