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PCN 06255051Q8

Calendar 221/hrs 7.5

Paygrade 2 -  $13.80/hr



Charlotte County Public Schools boasts a competitive compensation package* for employees. This package includes a robust employee benefits offering with access to plan options for supplemental and options plans. CCPS offers plan members an onsite Wellness Center. The Wellness Center provides no-cost preventative care, low-cost acute care appointments, behavioral health services, and prescription dispensing for select prescriptions at no additional cost! If an eligible employee does not need medical coverage, CCPS has a paid benefit opt-out option.






* Such alternatives to the above preferred qualifications as the Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable.



Performance Responsibilities:


  1. Develops and implements appropriate instructional plans and individualized learning experiences for infants and toddlers as prescribed by program curricula.
  2. Establishes and maintains learning environments that meet all applicable state and federal health and safety standards.
  3. Gathers, evaluates and utilizes ongoing child development assessment data.
  4. Engages families in program activities by maintaining ongoing and open communication, including participation in conferences and home visits.
  5. Meets all state and federal record-keeping and recording requirements.
  6. Implements prescribed, individualized support, behavior and/or learning plans.
  7. Practices positive child behavior and management techniques in the classroom.
  8. Participates in requisite professional development activities.
  9. Supports and supervises classroom volunteers and interns.
  10. Maintains relevant, ongoing and open communication with coworkers and supervisory staff.
  11. Works closely with partnering community agencies to provide quality, seamless services.
  12. Performs assigned duties related to student safety and environmental hygiene such as, disinfecting toys and laundering classroom items on campus.
  13. Facilitates daily student routines and experiences including positioning, lifting, carrying, feeding, diapering, and toileting.
  14. Performs other duties related to the job goals directed.

Full job description can be found: https://www.yourcharlotteschools.net


Compensation information can be found here: https://www.yourcharlotteschools.net/Page/16990


Benefits information can be found here: https://www.yourcharlotteschools.net/site/Default.aspx?PageID=18838


*Benefits eligibility will be determined and communicated to new hires during the onboarding process. 


Charlotte County Schools promotes Equal Educational and Employment Opportunities.