PCN 1517602301

Calendar 187/Hrs 4

Paygrade 1 - $13.50/hr




Charlotte County Public Schools boasts a competitive compensation package* for employees. This package includes a robust employee benefits offering with access to plan options for supplemental and options plans. CCPS offers plan members an onsite Wellness Center. The Wellness Center provides no-cost preventative care, low-cost acute care appointments, behavioral health services, and prescription dispensing for select prescriptions at no additional cost! If an eligible employee does not need medical coverage, CCPS has a paid benefit opt-out option.



Performance Responsibilities:


  1. Increases or decreases recipe yield and implements adjustment upon manager’s approval.
  2. Reviews weekly menu and adjusts recipes to appropriate yield: pulls food from freezer to thaw; completes panning and prep work.
  3. Notifies manager of anticipate ingredient- or product- need for timely ordering.
  4. Implements food service policies and regulations.
  5. Understands and correctly implements USDA Offer vs. Serve Policy.
  6. Learns and follows good safety and sanitary procedures.
  7. Adheres to Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP) standards re: proper food safety temperatures.
  8. Practices safe use and care of equipment and selects appropriate equipment for efficient completion of work task.
  9. Demonstrates mastery of kitchen weights and measures.
  10. Keeps kitchen and facility in a clean and orderly condition through daily sanitizing of work surfaces; washing customer trays, pots and pans; and sweeping and mopping of floor surfaces.
  11. Ensures daily cleanliness of equipment and assigned area(s).
  12. Completes job assignments within allotted time and at assigned speed level.
  13. Uses approved standardized and prepares quality food in quantity assigned.
  14. Helps merchandise food in an appealing manner.
  15. Avoids waste in food preparation.
  16. Reports, accurately, food usage for production plans including quantities of food prepared, served and leftover on inventory tracer.
  17. Stores leftovers properly and safely.
  18. Performs cashier functions in a friendly, efficient manner while accurately maintaining customer account balances.
  19. Accounts for USDA reimbursable meals.
  20. Follows oral and written job-related work schedule.
  21. Completes job duties and follows instructions given by the manager.
  22. Shows initiative to improve services.
  23. Cooperates and works effectively to maintain a professional working relationship when interacting with other employees.
  24. Maintains a helpful, pleasant, and courteous attitude toward students, staff and fellow workers.
  25. Assists fellow workers who need help.
  26. Tolerates extreme heat and cold environments as a condition of the position.
  27. Serves in any capacity, which may be necessary in an emergency, including substituting, when qualified, for another kitchen position.
  28. Reports, immediately, all accidents and injuries to supervisor.
  29. Accepts feedback and constructive criticism.
  30. Maintains high standards of personal hygiene and work habits.
  31. Wears assigned uniform including safe non-slip work shoes and hair restraint.
  32. Performs other related duties as assigned.




Full job description can be found: https://www.yourcharlotteschools.net/Page/16991


Compensation information can be found here: https://www.yourcharlotteschools.net/Page/16990


Benefits information can be found here: https://www.yourcharlotteschools.net/site/Default.aspx?PageID=18838


*Benefits eligibility will be determined and communicated to new hires during the onboarding process. 


Charlotte County Schools promotes Equal Educational and Employment Opportunities.