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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Carpenter / 2024-202506/18/2024SupportMaintenance 9044Apply
School Counselor (Elementary School) / 2024-202506/18/2024Non-Classroom InstructionalSallie Jones Elementary 0021Apply
HVAC Mechanic06/18/2024SupportMaintenance 9044Apply
Paraprofessional / 2024-202506/17/2024SupportPort Charlotte Middle 0131Apply
Paraprofessional / 2024-202506/17/2024SupportPunta Gorda Middle 0121Apply
School Social Worker / 2024-202506/17/2024Non-Classroom InstructionalSch Support Servic (Family Fi) 9053Apply
Paraprofessional / 2024-202506/17/2024SupportPort Charlotte High 0151Apply
Paraprofessional / 2024-202506/17/2024SupportVineland Elementary 0191Apply
Classroom Teacher / 2024-202506/17/2024InstructionalMyakka River Elementary 0231Apply
Classroom Teacher / 2024-202506/17/2024InstructionalPeace River Elementary 0041Apply
Custodian06/14/2024SupportLiberty Elementary 0201Apply
Classroom Teacher / 2024-202506/14/2024InstructionalSallie Jones Elementary 0021Apply
Administrative Assistant / 2024-202506/13/2024SupportCharlotte High 0031Apply
Classroom Teacher / 2024-202506/13/2024InstructionalVineland Elementary 0191Apply
Classroom Teacher / 2024-202506/13/2024InstructionalKingsway Elementary 0301Apply
Custodial Crew Leader II / 2024-202506/12/2024SupportCharlotte Harbor Center 0042Apply
Classroom Teacher - Language Arts-ELL / 2024-202506/12/2024InstructionalPort Charlotte High 0151Apply
Classroom Teacher - Social Studies / 2024-202506/12/2024InstructionalPort Charlotte High 0151Apply
Custodian06/12/2024SupportPort Charlotte Middle 0131Apply
Classroom Teacher - Drama / 2024-202506/11/2024InstructionalPunta Gorda Middle 0121Apply
Assistant Principal / 2024-202506/11/2024AdministrationPort Charlotte High 0151Apply
Teacher on Special Assignment (TSA) / 2024-202506/11/2024InstructionalPort Charlotte Middle 0131Apply
School Counselor (Elementary School) / 2024-202506/08/2024Non-Classroom InstructionalVineland Elementary 0191Apply
Food Service Assistant / 2024-202506/07/2024SupportFS Liberty Elementary 7201Apply
Food Service Assistant / 2024-202506/07/2024SupportFS Sallie Jones Elementary 7021Apply
Classroom Teacher - HVAC / 2024-202506/06/2024InstructionalCharlotte Tech College 0161Apply
Classroom Teacher - Automotive Service Technology / 2024-202506/06/2024InstructionalCharlotte Tech College 0161Apply
Paraprofessional - ISS / 2024-202506/06/2024SupportPunta Gorda Middle 0121Apply
Classroom Teacher - Computer Systems & Information Technology / 2024-202506/05/2024InstructionalCharlotte Tech College 0161Apply
Paraprofessional / 2024-202506/05/2024SupportMeadow Park Elementary 0141Apply
Classroom Teacher - ESE Pre-K / 2024-202506/05/2024InstructionalMeadow Park Elementary 0141Apply
Classroom Teacher - Spanish / 2024-202506/04/2024InstructionalPunta Gorda Middle 0121Apply
Specialist, Early Childhood Mental Health / 2024-202506/03/2024ConfidentialBaker Pre-K Center 0062Apply
Early Childhood Caregiver / 2024-202506/03/2024SupportBaker Pre-K Center 0062Apply
Early Childhood Caregiver / 2024-202506/03/2024SupportPumpkin Patch 9062Apply
Early Childhood Teacher / 2024-202506/03/2024SupportPumpkin Patch 9062Apply
Early Childhood Assistant / 2024-202506/03/2024SupportPumpkin Patch 9062Apply
Early Childhood Assistant / 2024-202506/03/2024SupportBaker Pre-K Center 0062Apply
Early Childhood Teacher / 2024-202506/03/2024SupportBaker Pre-K Center 0062Apply
Classroom Teacher - Physical Education / 2024-202506/01/2024InstructionalL A Ainger Middle 0181Apply
Classroom Teacher - Math / 2024-202505/31/2024InstructionalPort Charlotte High 0151Apply
Classroom Teacher - ESE / Language Arts / 2024-202505/31/2024InstructionalCharlotte Harbor Center 0042Apply
Classroom Teacher - ESE / 2024-202505/30/2024InstructionalMurdock Middle 0211Apply
School Counselor (High School) / 2024-202505/30/2024Non-Classroom InstructionalPort Charlotte High 0151Apply
Classroom Teacher- ESE / 2024-202505/29/2024InstructionalLemon Bay High 0051Apply
Groundskeeper05/29/2024SupportSites & Grounds 9043Apply
Dean of Students / 2024-202505/29/2024ConfidentialPort Charlotte High 0151Apply
Classroom Teacher - ESE / 2024-202505/29/2024InstructionalKingsway Elementary 0301Apply
Classroom Teacher - ESE / 2024-202505/29/2024InstructionalDeep Creek Elementary 0251Apply
Classroom Teacher - ESE / 2024-202505/29/2024InstructionalEast Elementary 0081Apply